Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future - Public Service Association

In 2024, the PSA CPSU NSW marked 125 years of standing up for the people working for a better state.

Since 1899, our union has fought for its members, winning better pay, better conditions and equality in the workplace.

In that 125 years, the face of the Public Sector has changed dramatically as it better reflects the communities it serves. More than half today’s members are women, and we have a multicultural membership that matches our workforce and community.

Yet our union’s fight for its members has remained constant. The PSA CPSU NSW has always pushed for better wages and conditions. It will always push for a more equal workforce. And it will always protect members’ interests.

Honouring Our Past, Building Our Future gives the PSA CPSU NSW the chance to both celebrate this long, proud history and look forward to continuing this noble fight.

The 2024 Annual Conference brings together members from a variety of workplaces that have benefitted, and will continue to benefit, from having a strong union fighting for its members.

Just as the members who formed the union 125 years ago could not conceive what our workplaces would look like today. And today’s proud unionists have no idea what is in store for our members and their working lives.

One thing will remain constant, though. The PSA CPSU NSW will continue its fight for a better working life for all members.

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