2018 Salaries Claims lodged - Public Service Association

2018 Salaries Claims lodged

2018 Salaries Claims lodged – March 2018 (PDF version)

The PSA has lodged its 2018 Salaries claim with the NSW Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) this week.

In line with discussions at our Annual Conference last year, the PSA continues to pursue multiple-year agreements that provide members with surety around their pay.

We have sought a 2.5 per cent increase for Salaries and related Allowances, each year for the next two years.

In an attempt to gain consent to our offer, the PSA wrote to NSW Treasury in December last year, informing it of our claim and offering to meet and discuss it. To date, Treasury has still not responded to our letter.

Last month our General Secretary, Stewart Little, wrote to the Treasurer seeking a meeting to discuss why his Department has failed to respond to our offer.

In the meantime, the PSA will pursue our claim through the IRC on behalf of members.

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