The Public Service Association of NSW (PSA) is a major public sector union which for more than a century has proudly fought to secure and advance the pay and conditions of public servants in diverse roles across NSW government departments, agencies and schools.

The PSA assists and acts on behalf of fee paying members state-wide in all aspects of their working lives, providing support, expert advice and collective as well as individual representation with any difficulty that may be encountered in the workplace.

In doing so, the union and its membership have shaped the industrial landscape in this state.

No Government of any political persuasion offers to boost workers’ pay packets or conditions, but tens of thousands of PSA members working collectively can achieve significant outcomes.

In addition to the PSA increasing pay and extending conditions, members also receive assistance with a range of other workplace issues including the protection of flexible working hours, bullying, worker’s compensation, disciplinary matters, women’s rights, work practices, and work health and safety.

PSA members are also members of the Community and Public Sector Union. Find out more about the Community and Public Sector Union here.