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Update for members in Corrective Services NSW Education: PSA calls for further consultation

A significant number of education issues have been raised with the Education Advisory Group (of the Non-Custodial Delegates Committee) for mention at the quarterly Joint Consultative Committee meeting with CSNSW which occurred 1 March 2023. Due to this, the Non-Custodial Delegates Committee asked if a separate meeting between the Advisory Group and CSIE / CIC could be scheduled to address these issues and Management have…

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Update on GoodSAM trial

Over the past month the PSA has received feedback from members around the trial of GoodSam at Oak Flats radio operations. On Friday 10 March 2023, the PSA met with Assistant Commissioner Maloney with a view to addressing some of these issues. Key points that came out of this meeting: Use of GoodSam by staff will be entirely voluntary and up to the individual staff…

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Ministry of Health: Data breach update

The Ministry of Health (MoH) advised the PSA of a data breach through Frontier Software. The breach is of historic information dating back to before the upgrade to StaffLink Payroll Systems. The PSA met with MoH and eHealth on Tuesday 14 March to discuss concerns regarding members' data security, the steps that MoH and Frontier Software have taken to investigate and protect the data and…

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IPART Joint Consultative Committee Meeting.

Your union and local delegates attended the first Joint Consultative Committee for 2023 on 23 February.  At the meeting, the following items were discussed: Your new PSA Organizer Mel Ciraolo was introduced.  Mel will work with local delegates Lil and Felicity on PSA information for the staff induction booklet. Management advised that they were still determining a response about the recording of Tribunal hearings and…

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TestSafe Londonderry redacted work group report

The PSA has received the TestSafe Londonderry redacted work group report. Any member who is interested in reading the report can view it HERE. Not a member? Go to www.psa.asn.au/join to sign up with the PSA. Remember, we are stronger together.

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