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Oak Flats Radio – Staffing Levels

Oak Flats Radio – Staffing Levels Last weekend historic levels of rain were recorded throughout New South Wales and in particular across the Illawarra region. Flood warnings were issued by the SES prior to the weekend, and it became clear that emergency services would face a difficult period. The PSA was made aware of the calls from members at Oak Flats ROG for additional staff…

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Associates bulletin: Settlement of Historical Claim

As mentioned in the PSA’s previous bulletins, the PSA is pursuing two claims against the Department in respect of judicial associates. One of those claims is an industrial dispute in which the PSA is alleging that Judicial Associations are covered by the Conditions Award and Salaries Award and have been covered since Associates became employed Public Servants. This claim is referred to as the ‘Historical…

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Child Protection Workers begin campaign over system in crisis

A peak meeting of PSA Delegates from across NSW has today unanimously endorsed a union campaign to fix the state’s broken Child Protection system. In launching the Child Protection in Crisis campaign, PSA General Secretary Stewart Little said the union would commence a series of rolling campaign events across NSW. This is amid concern the state’s Child Protection system is on the brink of collapse,…

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Secretary’s announcement: Budget for NSW Public Education Plan, focus on teaching & learning. What about Education Support Staff?

On 9 April 2024, the Education Secretary announced significant cuts to the NSW Education budget for Schools and Education Support Staff teams. You can read the Secretary's announcement HERE. The PSA is aware of the gravity of this announcement and that it heavily impacts Education Support Staff. What we know is: Spending will be cut across Education Support Staff areas by $1.4 billion over the next…

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Local Land Services Award negotiations and your newly elected PSA Departmental Committee

The PSA would like to advise members of the election results for our new Local Land Services (LLS) Departmental Committee (DC). Electorate name   Delegates Electorate 1 – Western 2 Delegates Incorporating Western and Central West LLS Regions Jane Chrystal Shaun Slattery Electorate 2 – Southern 2 Delegates Incorporating Riverina, Murray, and South-East LLS Regions Paul Simpson  Vacant Electorate 3 – Eastern…

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