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Biodiversity Conservation Science restructure

On 18 September 2023, the Deputy Secretary, Biodiversity Conservation Science briefed the PSA and Professionals Australia unions on a restructure occurring in the Community Engagement and Nature Positive Farming: Biodiversity, Conservation and Science Directorate. On 19 September, the PSA was provided a Change Management Plan (CMP) outlining the impact of the NSW State Budget upon the Community Engagement resourcing and Nature Positive Farming (NPF) program…

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PSA CPSU NSW welcomes budget's change of direction

The PSA CPSU NSW welcomes the change of direction ushered in by the 2023-24 State Budget, which turns its back on privatisation, avoids job cuts for members and has addressed many of the issues that have adversely affected us all in the past 12 years. The PSA CPSU NSW has long campaigned for the end to the wages cap that, in the Treasurer’s own words,…

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School Psychologists Update

This bulletin contains an industrial update for PSA School Psychologist members. Teachers’pay-rise creates pay disparity between School Counsellors and School Psychologists The PSA is aware of the serious implications for School Psychologists, of the government’s recent decision to award a substantial pay-rise to NSW Teaching Service roles from Term 4/October 2023; and in-so-doing, creating salary disparity between School Counsellors (SC) and School Psychologists (SP), as…

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Crown Solicitors Office Joint Consultative Committee Meeting Report

Delegates and PSA industrial staff attended the scheduled JCC meeting held on 24 August, at which discussion of the following issues was progressed. Office Assistants The PSA reported that the outcome of their consultation into deliveries and logistics was that two new suitcases are required. The CSO undertook implement this. WHS No further action was required in relation to the PSA offer to facilitate training…

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End of Term 3 School Support staff update

TWT Project 2023 The Schools Temporary Workforce Transition project phases 1-9 are now concluding for the 1st Tranche of Permanency offers for school-based staff. Since May of this year Principals have been consulting with affected temporary staff as to their eligibility as to an offer of permanency. School-based employees, including teachers and all support staff, are eligible if they meet all of the following criteria:…

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