40% pay rise while 2.5% forced on NSW public servants - Public Service Association

40% pay rise while 2.5% forced on NSW public servants

PSA Media Release: 40% pay rise for some while 2.5% forced on NSW public servants – 8 July 2015 (PDF version)


Media reports that two senior public service positions are to receive massive pay rises after public sector workers again had to argue for a 2.5% increase is hardly a level playing field says the Public Service Association of NSW.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Mike Baird issued a “Premier’s direction” to the Statutory and Other Offices Remuneration Tribunal in relation to the two positions.

The PSA believes that a reported increase of almost 40% for the new head of the Barangaroo Delivery Authority and 24% extra for the new Secretary of the Treasury sets a poor example at a time when public servants are again being faced with further cost cutting measures under the recent state budget.

The Government’s argument that offering a low salary might not attract the best candidates is exactly what the PSA has been concerned about since the 2.5% wage policy was introduced.

“How can the NSW public sector be an employer of choice and destination for the highest quality workers with pay rises that don’t keep pace with inflation?,” said Acting Public Service Association General Secretary, Steve Turner.

“Clearly however, the Government feels it is more important to pay management whatever is necessary in order to get the best candidates while restricting by law the salary increases of those who actually deliver services to millions of NSW residents each day.”

“Why not also invest in the people who provide services and attract the best possible candidates for those vital roles to ensure the people of NSW are getting the best from the best?”

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