PSA Survey Results & Industrial Advice

DPIE PSA Survey Results & Industrial Advice - Dec 2019 (PDF version)

Survey results

Recently the PSA launched a survey to hear how the move to Parramatta will affect you on 11 November, 2019. This survey went to members and non-members in the Sydney Metropolitan area who will be moving to Parramatta Square. We received a wide variety of responses from a representative cross-section of departments, suburbs and work sites. The key results are:

  • 4 per cent of workers are planning to resign rather than move to Parramatta
  • 85 per cent of workers intend to access working from home provisions
  • 35 per cent of workers have childcare responsibilities that will be impacted by the move
  • 66 per cent will pay more money for their daily commute, 8 per cent will pay less and 26 per cent will pay the same amount
  • 72 per cent will have a longer commute, 9 per cent will have a shorter commute and 19 per cent will commute over a similar length of time
  • 14 per cent of people had special needs.
  • 80 per cent have had their supervisor talk to them about the move
  • 41 per cent would consider working in a regional hub if one were provided
  • Overall, workers gave management’s handling of the move to Parramatta Square an average rating of 5.41 out of 10.

The PSA believes that these results provide a compelling case for more regional hubs, for greater flexibility around issues such as working-in-journey due to the extended commutes of most and for proper consideration of the major impacts that resignations will have on the core work of the department.

If you have didn’t do the survey but you still have special needs that must be accommodated in the move, you should speak to your manager then HR first, if your matter is not resolved, you should call the PSA on 1300 772 679. You can also contact your Organiser, Harry Wall, on 0418 236 867 or for specific assistance during the move.

If you indicated that you would like to be a PSA contact, the PSA will be speaking to you before Christmas.

Working from home

The PSA has heard reports that members have been told that their working from home conditions are different to their conditions when located in Parramatta. This is incorrect. Your Award, your flextime, your broadband hours, your core time, your WHS policies and all other normal working conditions apply when you are working from home. This means, for example, that you cannot be told that you can only work a maximum of seven hours from home.

At a meeting on Thursday 26 September, the DPIE Director of Industrial Relations clarified with the PSA that in most circumstances all workers would be allowed at least one day of working from home, regardless of their position. He also said that workers may be allowed two days of working from home, unless there is an operational reason not to grant this.

If you intend to work from home, you need to fill out the relevant form which can be found on your intranet. The union encourages members do this sooner rather than later.

Budget cuts and your organisation

The PSA will be having a meeting with DPIE’s Industrial Relations Team on 29 January, 2020, to discuss the impacts of budget cuts on workers. As has been previously highlighted in PSA and The DPIE Secretary’s correspondence, the five sections which DPIE are currently “looking at” include:

  1. Corporate Services
  2. People, Performance and Culture
  3. Planning & Assessment
  4. Regions, Industry, Agriculture and Resources
  5. Environment, Energy and Science

Change to the EPA

The PSA has been asked a number of questions regarding the future direction of the EPA. At the current moment, no restructure proposals have been put to the PSA. The PSA will be having a meeting with the EPA’s new CEO, Tracy Mackey, on Wednesday the 11th of December.

Your union is here for you

The PSA is here for members throughout and after the move to Parramatta Square. If you need special assistance to adjust to Parramatta Square, if you need the community and strength that the union brings, if you need solidarity in a new space, the PSA will be with you every step of the way. To talk to your local Organiser, Harry Wall, call 0418 236 867 or email

You can also contact your local delegate

EES Policy division – Goulburn St

EES Policy division – Goulburn St

EPA Hazardous Incident and Environmental Health – Goulburn St

Planning – Hurstville & Pitt Street

EES – Biodiversity and Conservation – Newcastle

Cultural Heritage – Newcastle

EPA Hunter Region – Newcastle

Climate Change and Sustainability – Planning – Parramatta

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage – Parramatta

EPA Science/admin – Lidcombe

Biodiversity and Conservation – Saving of Species (SoS) – Coffs Harbour

NPWS Clerical Officers – Western Branch

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