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Department of Customer Service – Restructure Joint Consultative Committee

This bulletin is an update to members from the regular meetings that are held between DCS and the PSA on the restructures/realignments that came out of the 2019 Machinery of Government changes, it also provides an opportunity for regular discussions between the PSA and DCS during the COVID-19 pandemic and the DCS response.

Restructure update

It was reaffirmed that the previous commitment not to declare any impacted staff from restructure excess during the COVID-19 response remains in place, unless individuals request otherwise. At this time the delay is expected to remain until August-September 2020.

Customer Engagement Integration – flexibility issues

The CEI is still progressing and the PSA raised at the Committee concerns with a communication sent to staff in Revenue on 29 April 2020.

Issues raised relate to backtracking on an offer of increased hours for some part-time staff and confusion as to what flexibility is available to staff.

This has caused a level of anxiety and outright anger from members as this information has a direct impact on the decision making process.

PSA will be taking concerns to our JCC with the Secretary on Monday 4 May.  If you have received written confirmation of an increase in part-time hours which was walked back in the recent email, please provide your document to and quote call number 127366

Employee safety and wellbeing and COVID-19 update

The meeting was reminded of enhances to the EAP resources available to DCS employees with the new provider from February 2020 – Benestar and the benefit that this can provide to staff during the current COVID- 19 response.

Along with a doubling of the available counselling (from three to six hours) for staff there is also a range of other support available to staff.

In addition to the increase EAP support, the Employee Safety & Wellbeing teams (ESW) team has also been developing tools for staff including ergonomic assessment and working from home checklists which should be available to all staff from next week.

Another significant body of work reported on was the provision of chairs and monitors to staff working from home.

DCS reported that it is now working with the Government on the recovery program which is taking into account how the way of working has changed, including flexible work and how DCS may look to continue this and the Public Service Commission is coordinating this across the Government

It was reported that the Government was expecting Government Departments to delay a full return to the office to help offset demand on public transport as restrictions begin to ease.

PSA members who have any issues with their WFH arrangements or other COVID – 19 work related matters and are having difficulty in resolving it with their local management can contact the PSA for further assistance.

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