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Workload issues: Are you affected?

The PSA met with members from the Health Professional Councils Authority (HPCA) recently to discuss workplace issues, their concerns and how we can assist to make the workplace better.

Many of you raised excessive workload as a key concern. This is a common issue across the NSW Public Sector and something we take very seriously. We have raised the workload with senior management of HPCA and are now seeking further information about how wide the impact is.

In discussion with members, we have created a survey to gain further insight into the excessive workload within HPCA. The goal is to take the anonymous information to the Director. This will give us an opportunity to discuss solutions and how workload can be better allocated.

You can fill out the survey HERE.

As a member-driven organisation, we usually only assist and advocate for members. It was requested at our members’ meeting that to get a proper picture of the issue, the survey can be shared with, and completed by, non-members. If you have received this bulletin and know of non-members who are affected, other than encourage them to join, please share the survey with them.

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