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ADHC Bulletin July 2014 – PSA Update on Respite Facilities

PSA Update on Respite Facilities July 2014 (PDF Version) 

PSA members working at the Dapto Respite Centre stopped work in April 2014 over concerns the support service may be closed by the State Government.

There were fears that the families and carers of people with a disability would not have ongoing access to local respite services if the NSW Government began shutting centres in a bid to reduce costs ahead of the privatisation of ADHC services.

Closing centres would allow the government to sidestep its promise that there will be continuity of services under NDIS.

Following the PSA’s stop work and vocal opposition by PSA members and parents, the centre has been spared – for now.

On 26 June 2014 a meeting was held with the Operations Executive Group and the Public Service Association of NSW.

The discussion was about the future of ADHC centre-based respite services, earlier advice from the Agency identified a small number of facilities were ‘under review’; these centers have also been exempt for now.

The PSA has written to ADHC requesting formal confirmation that they are providing those critical centre-based respite services while community need and demand exists.

ADHC has responded by saying that the services will remain open until the full privatisation of ADHC commences. To help fight the privatisation of the respite centres and the rest of ADHC, please print the petition HERE and circulate to your colleagues, friends and family.

Please note:  The NSW Parliament will not accept scanned, faxed, or photocopied petitions, so kindly return completed petitions to The Public Service Association, GPO Box 3365 Sydney NSW 2001.

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