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ADHC – Pay on public holidays

ADHC – Pay on public holidays – September 2017 (PDF version)

Public Holiday Shifts for Disability Staff employed under the Crown Employees Ageing, Disability and Home Care – Department of Human Services NSW (Community Living Award) 2010

It has recently been brought to the attention of the PSA/CPSU NSW that some members have had anomalies in their pay whilst working on the night shift of a public holiday.

We urge members that are rostered on the night shift for the upcoming Labor Day public holiday to be vigilant and to check their pay to ensure they are paid in accordance to the clauses set out below in the award.

(v) Staff members who are rostered off duty on a public holiday shall:

  1. be paid one day’s pay in addition to the weekly rate or, if the officer so elects,
  2. have one day added to their period of recreation leave.

(vi) Where a staff member is rostered for a shift that crosses midnight on a public holiday, and the total rostered hours on the public holiday are less than the equivalent of a full shift, for the purposes of subclause (v) above, the shift will be deemed to have been worked on the day on which the majority of time was actually worked.

(vii) Where because of the majority of hours falling on a non-public holiday the shift is regarded as a non-public holiday shift, the staff member shall be deemed to have been rostered off duty on the public holiday and shall be paid in accordance with subclause (v).

Whilst FACS payroll has rectified the situation, in some cases, there may be members who have anomalies of their own from working previous night shifts on public holidays.

Please check your payslips and contact FACS payroll there are any discrepancies. If there is no resolution after contacting FACS payroll then contact the PSA at .

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