Ann and Vanessa from SAS Staff remind us why it's important to remember SASS week - Public Service Association

Ann and Vanessa from SAS Staff remind us why it’s important to remember SASS week

SASS Recognition Week 2018

What a week it was! From all over NSW, the PSA was inundated with photos of our amazing SASS members being recognised by their school community for the wonderful and important work they do. We all know that the vitally important work that SAS Staff do every day ensures schools function and during SASS Recognition Week we saw our members receive a well deserved thank you. But it didn’t stop there! The thank you’s kept rolling in for days past 7 September and we posted them on our Facebook page to raise the profile of our SASS members and the contribution they make to their workplaces. Check out the photos at Take a squiz at all the fabulous photos up on the PSA website and don’t forget to like and follow the PSA Facebook page to keep up to date on what your union is doing every day!

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