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Are your membership details up to date?

Members are reminded to ensure their contact and beneficiary details are correct with the Public Service Association.

Many members have moved centres or changed address and their beneficiary details may have changed over the years.

It is never good for the PSA or the POVB Executive when a member passes and their beneficiary details are not consistent with the PSA records or in some cases we have no beneficiary details at all.

The Provident Fund beneficiary payment of $4000.00 from the PSA and $5000.00 from the POVB Legal Fund may:

  • In the case of an out of date or incorrect nomination, be paid to a beneficiary who you no longer wish to receive this money; or
  • In the case of no nominated beneficiary, the PSA will have to investigate who has a valid claim, leading to delays in the payment.

If the following has changed since you joined:

  • Name (now married or divorced);
  • Mobile telephone number;
  • Address;
  • Work Location; or
  • Beneficiary details

You can change/update your details in one of the following ways:

Whilst on our website have a look at our member benefits, which includes an expansion to our Ambulance Cover, now extended to all members of your immediate family.

Stay safe and keep well


Nicole Jess
President POVB

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