Attention PSA ICT professional members - Public Service Association

Attention PSA ICT professional members

Attention PSA ICT professional members – August 2018 (PDF version)

The NSW Government has just issued a tender for a contract to provide ICT services in RMS which requires the successful tenderer to offshore the majority of staff used for the project.

This is a disgraceful attack on the career prospects of ICT professionals in NSW. It seems that the NSW Government would prefer that work in the ICT sector is performed by off-shore workers instead of providing employment and careers to local professionals. This is a direct attack on the Australian IT profession.

The Public Service Association/Professional Officers Association and Unions NSW are fighting to have the tender withdrawn and the provisions regarding off-shoring removed.

We ask all members to write to their NSW MP demanding that the tender be withdrawn. We would encourage you to ask your professional colleagues in both the public and private sectors to do the same.

Below is an example letter, to assist you in composing your own letter:

Dear [name of MP],

I am an IT professional who lives in your electorate. The NSW Department of Roads and Maritime Services has recently drawn up a tender for the provision of IT services which places a cap on the number of local staff, prioritising the off-shoring of the work.

As a voter in NSW, I expect my government to stand up for Australian jobs. IT is a professional field which must be supported and developed in Australia in order to guarantee good jobs both now and in the future.

Would you please advise me of your attitude to this proposal and whether you are prepared to make representations to the Minister, Melinda Pavey, to have the tender withdrawn and to the Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, to commit to supporting Australian IT jobs in future tenders.

To find the name of your NSW MP follow the directions on this website:

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