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Aust Museum update - Aug 2019 (PDF version)

Members would be aware that a meeting of members was held on Monday 12 August 2019. This meeting was called to enable members to provide the PSA with feedback regarding the proposed closure of the Australian Museum for a period of 12 months from 19 August 2019.

As a result of the feedback from the meeting, a further meeting with Australian Museum management has been scheduled for Thursday 15 August at 1pm. A further report back to members will follow this meeting.

Some of the issues that were raised by members were:

  • why did staff only receive the FAQ section of the document titled Australian Museum Project Discover Staff Impact and Communication Plan
  • communication to staff has been unclear and many questions unanswered
  • flex leave issues continue to exit
  • temporary staff are unsure of their future if current temporary contract expires during the museum’s closure period
  • annual leave has been refused
  • what will the structure/staffing of the Australian Museum look like when the museum reopens?

Members requested a copy of the current Flexible Working Hours Agreement, which can be found HERE.

Members should be aware there has been no change to any of the content or principles that support this document. If members continue to have issues regarding access to or interpretation of the agreement by managers, please provide specific details to the PSA. We cannot solve this issue if we are not aware of the issues members having accessing their entitlement.

If members have any other issues they would like raised at the meeting scheduled for 15 August can you please provide them to Kerrie Butson at ">.


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