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Bulletin – Births Deaths and Marriages members’ update

Births Deaths and Marriages members’ update – May 2019 (pdf version)

As members will be aware, following our last members’ meeting, it was agreed the PSA would meet with the Registrar of BDM and put forward member concerns about the recent Machinery of Government changes. The PSA met with the Registrar last week and asked the following questions. The Registrar’s answers to each of the questions are in italics. There will be a members’ meeting shortly to discuss this meeting and any other member issues.

  • Can you confirm that the modernisation project has been placed on hold until the “Machinery of Government” (MoG) changes take effect?
    The project is on hold until a date TBA because of the MoG.
  • What effect will MoG have on the modernisation project?
    Some changes to the existing plan may take place because of the MoG.
  • Are Registry Staff going to be on a different award? If so, what?
    We will stay on the same award. The flex agreement will come with us to the new cluster. However, the Registrar also said that any of that can change if the minister decides.

  • Will the Parramatta office be closed or moved to a new location now BDM is not part of the AG’s department? If so, when?
    The registrar advised that there is no intention to close the Parramatta office.

  • Will certificates be produced at Service NSW?
    This is not known.

  • Is the machinery of government change intended to eventually merge BDM into Service NSW?
    The registrar did point out that BDM and Service NSW are different units in the cluster on the organisational chart released by Glenn King.

  • Are current contract staff (government contractors) to continue with BDM until their contract date, or will they cease on 1/7/19?
    People on a TAA and secondment will continue with BDM.

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