Bulletin: ongoing DCJ Corporate Services MOG consultation process - Public Service Association

Bulletin: ongoing DCJ Corporate Services MOG consultation process

Bulletin - ongoing DCJ Corporate Services MOG consultation process - December 2019 (pdf version)

The last PSA bulletin outlined the ongoing DCJ Corporate Services MOG consultation process HERE

At the 3 December 2019 MOG consultative forum meeting DCJ advised that there were 275 responses to the survey and over 90 individual submissions made in relation to the draft MOG proposals including the PSA’s. Most of the submissions raised the issues of workloads and current issues with payroll and office services across FACS workplaces.

DCJ had extended the consultation submission date to 26 November due to the large number of detailed submissions and was hoping to finalise the review process prior to the Christmas Shutdown.

Most submissions sought to preserve existing non –executive jobs below grade 11/12 and sought cuts to Director and Executive Director roles as a major concern being that the organisation was getting too top heavy and not enough staff to deal with current workload expectations.

The other focus being concerns around the draft Restructure Management Plan 1 (RMP1) maximising opportunities for staff to be placed in roles and that it is proposed to start offering VR’s at the end of phase 2. The PSA seeks that there be no forced VR’s until the end of phase 4 in July 2020. The RMP1 timeline is to commence February 2020 until July 2020. All staff should be retained to deal with existing workloads until the new structure is operational following phase 4.

On 17 December the Deputy Secretary, Corporate Services announced the review had concluded and that RMP1 and organisational structures would be released on 18 December 2019 HERE

The department will publish: –

  • The final RMP and related structures
  • Updates to FAQ’s
  • Summary report on feedback received concerning RMP1 and draft structures

The PSA will analyse the final documentation and raise any outstanding issues and concerns through the established MOG consultative forum meetings which will recommence after the 2019 Christmas shutdown.

Further advice as to issues and dates for the MOG Consultative process will be reported to delegates and members in mid-January 2020.

Any urgent member issues should be forwarded to or call the MSC on 1300 772 679

2019 has been a very challenging year for DCJ PSA members. PSA staff and delegates wish members a Happy, Safe Christmas Break and look forward to seeing you in 2020.

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