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Bulletin – Sheriff’s Officers

Bulletin – Sheriff’s Officers

Sheriff Bulletin – July 2019 (PDF version)

The PSA and your SOVBAG delegates recently met with the Sheriff of NSW at the regular JCC meeting. The following was discussed:

  • The moisture wicking shirts are expected to arrive by the second week of July. However, the Sheriff has stressed this is a tentative timeframe, due to issues with the manufacture. There is currently no direction for staff to wear vests at all times, unless under direction from the Sheriff or Regional Commander. The PSA queried whether vests would become compulsory at all times once wicking shirts have been provided, however the Sheriff was unable to confirm or deny at this stage.
  • The Sheriff of NSW sees no major changes to the operations of the Office of the Sheriff due to Machinery of Government changes.
  • The Sheriff agreed that the purpose of the flexible working agreement is to assist in achieving a better work/life balance for employees.

Further, SOVBAG and the PSA are working on a formal review of the Crown Employees (Sheriff’s Officers) Award in light of its age, significant changes to the legislative framework (Court Security Act 2005; Government Sector Employment Act 2013), organisational structure changes (regions and hubs) and the current security environment (ballistic vests, increased risk of terrorism).

Finally, SOVBAG has recently accepted the inclusion of a new delegate, base-grade Sheriff’s Officer Marko Petrovic. Marko will be a delegate until the next election and replaced Jonathon Martinez (who has left the Sheriff’s Office since the last elections). The PSA welcomes Marko and looks forward to working with him.

The PSA is meeting soon with the Sheriff of NSW – any issues you wish to be raised, contact a delegate or the PSA.

Your SOVBAG delegates are:

Edward Lia – Campbelltown Court

Daniel De La Paz – Downing Centre

Stephen Hancock – Downing Centre

Glenn Elliott-Rudder – Wagga Wagga

Joe Saffour – Wagga Wagga

Monique Muir – Coffs Harbour

Marko Petrovic – Downing Centre

Your PSA staff are:

Glenn Duncan (Organiser)  – ">

Ben Trainor (Industrial Officer) – ">

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