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Bulletin – Update – Move from Henry Deane Building to Parramatta

Thank you to all the members who submitted questions to the PSA regarding the move from the Henry Deane Building to Parramatta. These questions were put to the Department of Communities and Justice in early March 2021. In April, as a response had not been received, the PSA filed a dispute at the NSW Industrial Relations Commission. Pursuant to the PSA notifying the Commission of the dispute, the Department responded to the PSA’s questions. The Department’s response can be viewed HERE. In the response, the Department has confirmed that the move will now be completed by May 2022.

Subsequently, the PSA met with the Department on 27 April. At the meeting the PSA advised that members were anxious and concerned about the lack of information about the move to Parramatta. The PSA noted it had been 6 months since the move had been announced and that members had to make arrangements in preparation for the move, particularly in regard to carer’s responsibilities.

The Department advised that it did not expect to still be in the current situation where concrete plans had not been set. In turn, the PSA advised that regular updates from the Department would assist members. The PSA also requested a schedule of events leading up to the move. The PSA emphasised the need for communication to flow through about the move from the Executive level to local management so members don’t remain in the dark.


Further at the meeting, the Department confirmed the advice which members received, that there would only be 60% capacity at Parramatta is incorrect. Rather the Department have planned for 80% capacity consistent with leave patterns and flexible working arrangements across the sector. There will be various “work points” – ergonomically adjustable work stations, and over 200 meeting rooms available.

These work points will operate via the “book a desk system”. The Department also advised that presentations, via “town hall” meetings for affected members have been slated for mid-May.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have further questions at this point.

Your PSA Staff are:

Latu Sailosi

Industrial Officer
Gino Di Candilo

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