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ChildStory = Horror Story

ChildStory = Horror Story – January 2018 (PDF version)

Our members have been patient long enough. Since ChildStory has been rolled out across the state, more and more problems are being identified with no resolution in sight. Our members cannot even contact ChildStory support, which is inundated with requests for assistance. Members have said ENOUGH!

We will no longer accept the system has a few small teething problems or that staff are taking it in their stride. ChildStory is not fit for purpose and no tweaking of the system will solve the fundamental problems with this system. The Department seems focussed on trying to keep an unseaworthy system afloat with a thousand Band-Aids.

Members are well aware of the risks to children and that a tragedy may occur because of the inadequacies of ChildStory.

The Secretary and Minister must resign

Following correspondence and meetings with both the Minister and Secretary, your well-founded concerns were dismissed.  We warned them of the impending catastrophe if they did not delay the implementation of ChildStory.

The Minister and Secretary must take responsibility for this failed system and the chaos that has ensued.

Where to from here – Safe Hands campaign

It has become abundantly clear the FACS Executive and the Minister will continue to do nothing and keep their heads firmly planted in the ground. We will not. Our members and the children and families that they work with to keep our most vulnerable children safe will not.

With the support of all frontline staff including admin support, the PSA will expose the truth and force the Minister and the Department to redesign and fix ChildStory so you can do your job and keep children safe.

Our Safe Hands campaign was launched in Conniston late last year and will be coming to your CSC very soon.

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