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Closure of the Powerhouse Museum: your entitlements

Closure - March 2020 (PDF version)

In response to the Powerhouse Museum closing to the public, the PSA would like to remind members of their flexible work and leave entitlements as per the Premier of New South Wales’s Circular for COVID-19.

Workplace is closed?

Where the workplace is closed, flexible work arrangements should be considered either at home or from another office location. Where work is unable to be provided to employees, they are to be paid as normal and are placed on paid special leave.

Unable to work?

Up to 20 days’ paid special leave will be provided, before other leave entitlements need to be accessed, to employees who are unable to work because they are:

  • caring for sick family members;
  • caring for family members due to closure of schools and caring facilities; or
  • unable to attend work due to transport disruptions.

After the 20 days of special leave has been used, employees may access accrued leave entitlements (i.e. sick leave, annual leave, family and community services and extended/long service leave).


The PSA is calling on the NSW Government to make a commitment to pay its casual employees throughout the current pandemic. The Powerhouse Museum has committed so far to pay those on roster until April 1. We understand that no rosters beyond that have been developed at this point. The Government should explore all options to keep casuals in work rather than adding to the unemployment statistics.

Other agencies, such as the State Library, have made a commitment to pay their casuals and recognised that they should not be disadvantaged. We want the same from the Powerhouse. We want the same for our valuable members who have been so vital to making the Powerhouse Museum one of Sydney’s icons.

It is a time when people need levels of certainty to help them cope with this crisis.

The PSA continues to advocate for our members. We have also sought a postponement to the stage one closure of the Powerhouse which is connected to the intended move to Parramatta. We are awaiting a response to our request.

Powerhouse members should note that they currently have a very able and committed team of Delegates who are also working strongly on their behalf and the PSA thanks them for their efforts.

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