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Community Corrections – Practice Reviews

PSA members have raised the issue of practice reviews, whereby offenders provide survey reviews of interviews conducted with them by staff. In particular, members are concerned that the survey data will be used in effect as “customer reviews” and serve as a performance measure for performance management.

The PSA met with DCJ Employee Relations on 23 March 2022 to clarify arrangements. The agency stated that the data would be collected by an external provider and it is only the aggregate data which the Department would see, not individual results. Therefore, it would be almost impossible to identify specific members. The agency also clarified that these reviews were not akin to increasing or improving customer satisfaction, but rather about staff being firm but fair in their role. Community Corrections will provide confirmation of these arrangements in writing to the PSA and will refer to this if the data is used inappropriately.

Non-Custodial and Community Corrections industrial staff

Monika Wunderlin Industrial Officer

Chris Auld Organiser

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