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Community Services – Child Death Review

Community Services – Child Death Review – 9 June 2017 (PDF Version)

It has come to the attention of the PSA that the Serious Case Review Unit (SCR) of the Department is not always supplying the documents that must be provided to staff they want to interview following the death of a child known to the Department.

The PSA was involved in the negotiation of these documents a number of years ago and is very concerned that members have informed your union they appear to have been pulled from the intranet. Click HERE to read the document on what to expect in a Child Death Review.

Your union will be seeking a meeting with the Department to ensure these documents are reinstated.

The death or serious injury of any child is distressing and confronting to all staff in a CSC and administrative staff should not be overlooked in the provision of support.

Of specific concern is members have advised the PSA that they are not informed their participation in any interview is voluntary.

If members consent to be interviewed, they should ideally be notified five working days before SCR interviews occur to allow time to review files, reflect on the information provided and clarify any concerns.

There are also key responsibilities for your Senior District Management to comply with in planning the management of any review of a child death.

The management plan identifies a number of actions including but not limited to:

  • deciding whether office dynamics suggest individual or group briefing is appropriate
  • a plan for the DCS to brief staff to set a positive tone, explain the purpose and clarify staff questions
  • arranging formal and informal supports for staff after the interview
  • working with SCR and CSC staff to manage staff feedback on the draft review.





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