Congratulations on your new Child Protection Helpline Delegates! - Public Service Association

Congratulations on your new Child Protection Helpline Delegates!

Helpine - October 2020 (PDF version)

Recently the PSA called for nominations for the position of workplace Delegates at the Child Protection Helpline.

The PSA wishes to congratulate the following members who have been elected, unopposed, to represent you:

Allison Corrigan, Edwina Doran, Ivanka Bastac Pavlovic, Jana Mouzouros, Jarrah Flanagan, Matthew Cutmore, Pamela Hardiman and Vaneeta Lal

We will be announcing the PSA Departmental Committee members for the Helpline soon. They will also be part of the Helpline Workplace Group.

Your PSA Organiser is Jose Vasquez
Your PSA Industrial Officer is Graydon Welsh

PSA delegates represent you with management

Your union represents your interests at meetings with management called Joint Consultative Committees (JCC). The purpose of a JCC is to establish a regular forum for issues and concerns to be raised with management and addressed collaboratively.

If you have collective workplace issues you’d like raised at the JCC you can raise them directly with your Delegate. Individual members can contact a local Delegate and or call our Member Support on 1300 772 679 for advice and/or industrial representation.

Free PSA training courses for all members

PSA union training is open to all PSA members, not just delegates.

Non-members wishing to attend training will need to submit a membership application form first.

We offer a variety of courses and all PSA members have access to 12 days’ paid leave each two-year period to attend PSA training courses. For more information go HERE.

Know someone who isn’t a member?

A strong union means better outcomes for all members; forward this bulletin to your colleagues and encourage your workmates to JOIN the PSA today. Having your union and its collective strength behind you in the workplace is the only way to make sure you get fair outcomes.

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