Congratulations to our newest PSA Delegate – Pete Christie! - Public Service Association

Congratulations to our newest PSA Delegate – Pete Christie!

New Delegate - Nov 2020 (PDF version)

Congratulations to your newly elected Resilience NSW PSA Delegate – Pete Christie. Pete was unanimously elected at the recent Resilience NSW members meeting.

Pete currently works in the Disaster Welfare team as a Senior Project Officer.

He has already strongly advocated for members regarding the Travel Arrangements review, and has been instrumental in collecting and raising feedback during the Resilience NSW restructure.

He is looking forward to working alongside PSA Delegate Adam Tran in supporting and representing Resilience NSW PSA Members through the current restructure, making Resilience NSW a better place to work and holding our workplace to account in keeping a community focus at the centre of what we do. 

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Additionally, matters can be raised by contacting the PSA Member Support Centre, on 1300 772 679

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