Courts and Tribunal Services: Flexible Working Hours Policy - Public Service Association

Courts and Tribunal Services: Flexible Working Hours Policy

Flexible Working Hours Policy - Aug 2020 (PDF version)

Members have advised the PSA there have been issues accessing Flex Leave. In some instances, members have reported they are to follow strict start, end and lunch times without the capacity to accumulate Flex Time. In other cases, Flex Leave has been denied on multiple occasions.

The PSA raised the issue with management at the Joint Consultative Committee meeting between the parties last week. Management was receptive to member concerns and stated the Flexible Working Hours Agreement should be observed. A copy of the Agreement can be found HERE.

Delegates have also had conversations with Directors at the local level. Again, member feedback was positively received.

The PSA will continue to monitor the situation and work with management to ensure that members are able to access their full entitlements under the Flex Agreement.

The PSA will update members as soon as the matter develops.

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