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COVID-19 update – Community Corrections

Covid-19 News - March 2020 (PDF version)

Members will be aware a Command Post has been set up to manage various issues in Corrective Services NSW relating to COVID-19.

The PSA raised strong concerns last week that policy had not been adequately developed in Community Corrections to manage risks to staff and clarify service delivery given the current environment.

PSA Industrial Officer Roland Harris attended this morning’s briefing to continue discussions on these concerns and the PSA has been advised the following:

  • A comprehensive policy will be sent to staff today. This should have now been received by all members. Let your manager know if you have not seen a copy. This policy will detail enhanced working from home arrangements and changes to service delivery, among other things.
  • Following PSA concerns about the importance of employment certainty for casuals, Community Corrections has advised it does not anticipate standing down any casual members and they will continue to be utilised, sometimes in repurposed roles across the agency.
  • A daily meeting of the Directors will take place from today onwards. This will address concerns raised through centres on an ongoing basis with a view to resolving them as quickly as possible.
  • The PSA will remain involved with the Command Post an on ongoing basis to raise member concerns not being appropriately addressed.

The PSA welcomes these developments and encourages members to:

  • Direct enquiries to Managers in the first instance so they can be escalated through to the daily Directors meetings.
  • Read through the FAQ section on the intranet that outlines answers on COVID-19 matters including working from home and self-isolation.
  • Access support services through EAPS if you feel you need assistance.
  • Stay in touch with colleagues and talk to Unit Leaders after difficult/stressful calls. Doing your work in isolation has increased mental health risks – it’s important to stay connected.

Community Corrections has also finally organised a meeting between the PSA and Assistant Commissioner Sandra Crawford tomorrow to discuss these mitigation strategies and ensure they are being appropriately implemented.

Members will be updated as developments come to hand. If you have a matter that has been raised with your Manager and not addressed, please get in touch with the PSA Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

PSA contacts

Roland Harris Industrial Officer
Leonie Wright Organiser

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