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Crown Solicitor’s Office – Direction to take industrial action

Crown Solicitor’s Office – direction to take industrial action – Dec 2017 (PDF version)

To all members,

The PSA Executive is issuing a direction for all Crown Solicitor’s Office staff who are PSA members to take industrial action commencing Monday 18 December 2017 from 8.00am.

The PSA Executive is directing all solicitors or other fee earners who are PSA members not to record billable and administrative time in Open Practice. They are to keep written records of billable and administrative time for work related matters and withhold these records from being entered in Open Practice.

Administrative support staff who are PSA members are directed not to enter recorded time in Open Practice for solicitors or other fee earners who are participating in the industrial action.

Solicitors and Administrative Support staff who are in temporary roles are exempt from this direction.

The direction remains in force until it is lifted.

Please contact a union official for confirmation and further directions if required.

Should your manager or your employer’s representative direct you to not comply with your union’s direction? Tell that person that you are complying with your union’s direction and they should contact a union official listed on this bulletin.

As a member of the PSA you are protected from action taken against you by your employer under Chapter 3 Part 2 and s.210 of the Industrial Relations Act 1996.  That is until the Industrial Relations Commission makes a dispute order to stop industrial action.

Contact details:

Andrew Wright PSA Industrial Officer

Andrew Boulton PSA Industrial Advocate

Surabi Alauddin PSA Organiser

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