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Crown Solicitor’s Office PSA update

Crown Solicitors Office PSA update – July 2017 (PDF version)

CSO Joint Consultative Committee meetings

Your PSA delegates and staff meet with Crown Solicitor’s Office management every two months, through the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC), to raise workplace issues on behalf of members.

JCCs are an important avenue for members to have a say in how their workplace is run.

Members are encouraged send feedback and issues that they would like to be raised at JCCs to any of your CSO PSA Delegates.

Upcoming JCCs are scheduled for 27 July, 7 September, 19 October and 30 November 2017.

Next CSO union meeting

Monday, 31 July 2017


Heritage Room


  • 27 July 2017, JCC report-back
  • Call for nominations for workplace delegates
  • Benefits of PSA membership
  • Upcoming PSA training courses
  • General business.

Become a PSA delegate

We are seeking additional workplace delegates at CSO. Be part of a collective effort to improve your rights at work by building strength on the ground and supporting your fellow members.

Support and training will be provided by current CSO delegates and PSA staff. All members are entitled to 12 days (every two years) of paid trade union leave to attend PSA training courses. Enrol online HERE.

Your PSA delegates are:

Leigh Plater (x 85377), Senior Solicitor

Teri Southwell (x 85410), Legal & Financial System Administration Officer

PSA Staff are:

Your PSA Organiser is Surabi Alauddin ().

Your PSA Industrial Officer is Dean Allen ().

Encourage your colleagues to join the PSA online at, or see your delegates for membership forms. A unionised workplace is a fairer workplace!

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