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DCS Machinery of Government changes June update

DCS Machinery of Government changes June update – June 2019 (PDF version)

On Thursday 13th June, the PSA met with Department of Customer Service (DCS) representatives as part of our fortnightly consultative meetings.  The following matters were discussed.

Flexible Working Hours Arrangements

It was confirmed that for Premier and Cabinet (DPC) and Treasury staff moving in to DCS they will be able to bring across their accumulated hours with them on to the DCS Flexible Working Hours Agreement. Additionally, DPC staff who have “banked” flex days will be able to bring them across and have 3 months to take those days.  The PSA encourages our members in this situation to notify the PSA if they have difficulty getting approval to take these days.

For Births, Deaths and Marriages (Justice) and Liquor, Gaming and Racing (Industry) members, you will remain on your current Flexible Working Hours Arrangements and systems for now.  There is no timeframe for changing over, but there will be extensive consultation before that occurs.

Communication with staff

DCS informed us that a communication addressing issues such as email addresses, flex arrangements and payroll matters will be distributed next week.


DCS committed to an onboarding process for staff transferring in to Customer Service from outside DFSI. This is meant to assist staff with the transition and will be a mix of online learning systems as well as traditional inductions. They are also looking at a similar process for ex DFSI staff as well, though there should be “less” disruption for these areas.


While structures have been released at the Deputy Secretary and Executive Director levels, further structures at the Director level will be released next week.  DCS confirmed that there is a formal placement and redeployment procedure for Senior Executive staff which will be distributed to the PSA.  DCS have been upfront about the requirement for Clusters to achieve a 10% reduction in Executive staff.

The structures to be released next week will have an impact on non-executive staff in that you may see a change to your reporting lines.  The PSA re-iterates that members should contact us if there are any restructures or “realignments” occurring from July 1 that have not been subject to proper consultation with staff and the PSA.

Corporate Services

While there will not be any restructuring before July at a non-executive staff level, DCS has been up front that one area that will be looked at in July is Corporate Services.  While DCS have not explicitly stated that there will be job cuts, there will be a review and the PSA expects that “duplications” will be examined.  DCS confirmed that this review would include IPART and Service NSW Corporate Services.  How they will manage the different Awards that exist while merging previously separate functions is something that the PSA will monitor to ensure that conditions, and remuneration are not downgraded.  If you are not yet a member of the PSA, now is the time to join at www.psa.asn.au.

Contractor Review

DCS confirmed that they are undergoing a review of contractor numbers across the Department.  This include “contingency, or Labour Hire” workers as well as those staff on fixed term contracts. Fixed term contract staff should be aware that while there is no plans to terminate contracts early, those nearing their completion should be prepared for a review on whether the work is still required.

Parramatta move

DCS confirmed that Parramatta staff would be moving to 4 Parramatta Square first as planned.  No decision has been made about city based staff at this point, apart from the Liquor, Gaming and Racing staff that have been made aware of the move already. SafeWork staff at NorWest will have been notified that a decision has been made to relocate to Parramatta in 2020. There is a staff briefing on Tuesday 18th June to discuss arrangements in which the PSA will be in attendance. The PSA reminds members that this is a change that requires full consultation.  Where there are individual circumstances that prevent a staff member from relocating, the PSA will advocate on behalf of our members.  We urge individuals with concerns to speak to us at the staff briefing on Tuesday.

Revenue NSW

There will be a separate JCC between the PSA and DCS regarding the Revenue NSW functions being transferred in to Service NSW.  There is no confirmed date at the moment, but the PSA expects discussions to begin soon.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 27th June, which will be after the state budget is handed down.

What can you do in the meantime?

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