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Department of Justice Digital Technology Services restructure bulletin

Department of Justice Digital Technology Services restructure bulletin – August 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA relisted the matter in the IRC due to ongoing recruitment concerns.

The PSA raised the following concerns:-

  • The failure of most review applicants to obtain roles in the Review Process, notwithstanding the IRC recommended protocol of which applicants “could meet the capabilities given reasonable training and support”
  • The ongoing failure of DTS and Justice to provide meaningful and transparent feedback to applicants about their applications (including written feedback)
  • The concerns DTS did not assess the capabilities as recommended by the IRC
  • That the failure of members to obtain ongoing roles could not be justified by the Department, given the experience and expertise of our members
  • There is no evidence Justice considered whether members could meet capabilities given reasonable training and support
  • That meaningful feedback must be given to enable our members to make the right decisions
  • That a failure to provide meaningful feedback inhibited our members’ ability to meaningfully participate in the recruitment process, undermining the merit principles outlined in the GSE
  • The inappropriate use of Agency staff contrary to legislation, policy and guidelines
  • Appointing Agency staff to Supervisor roles
  • The obligation of the Department to consider redeployment options prior to being declared excess, as outlined in the Agency Change Management Guidelines.

The IRC made the following recommendations:-

  1. That the Department is not allowed to engage Agency contractors as Supervisors as this contradicts the Award
  2. That the PSA is to advise the Department where this occurs
  3. That the Department must follow the Agency Change Management Guidelines
  4. That during the Step 3 process the Department must examine any roles that become available and assess whether applicants of the Review Process can be placed at Grade against any vacant roles
  5. That applicants for Review are encouraged to participate in the Step 3 process to maximise redeployment opportunities.

The PSA thanks members for their ongoing engagement in this matter and invites further feedback as the process continues.

The PSA also seeks specific information about the inappropriate use of Agency Contractors, especially where Agency contractors are appointed to supervisory roles.

 Your DTS delegates are:

Larry Carter

Brendan Cotton

Your PSA staff:

Susan Emery – PSA Industrial Officer

Surabi Alauddin – PSA Organiser


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