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DFSI abolished: Revenue NSW – Alarm bells ringing!

DFSI abolished: Revenue NSW – Alarm bells ringing! (PDF version)

Members were alarmed to receive a message from Deputy Secretary Stephen Brady and Mark White on Wednesday 3 April 2019.

Administrative Arrangements (Administrative Changes – Public-Service Agencies) Order 2019 was referred to and it appears the effect of this Order is that Revenue staff will now transfer to the Treasury, with the exception of Call Centre staff who will transfer to the new Department of Customer Service.

The PSA has fielded a number of concerns from members, particularly from members employed in call centres. And yes, we agree with those of you who say “Where is the Consultation in all this?”.

Main concerns raised by members so far:

  • There were approximately 50 redundancies from the Maitland Office last year. Even though there are numerous agency staff (24 at Maitland alone) will there be more redundancies and will people have to re-apply for their jobs again?
  • Will there be offices closed and/or relocations required? The Gosford experience left a bad taste in many members’ mouths.
  • Staff under the ServiceNSW Award are ‘lower paid’. Many members in these regional centres have specific arrangements in place due to carer needs and work/life balance situations. What is going to happen to staff when they are forced to transfer across to the Department of Customer Service? Are staff in the regions going to see further degradation of their wages and conditions?

The PSA has written to Deputy Secretary Brady seeking an urgent meeting. We are hoping this will occur early next week and that Deputy Secretary Brady will be able to provide some information and commit to future consultation throughout the process.

Whatever the government has planned, you can be assured that the PSA will do its utmost to preserve members’ wages and conditions of employment.

The PSA is conducting meetings at Revenue sites in the near future. Times, dates and locations will be advised as soon as the meeting with Secretary Brady has taken place.

Please encourage non-members to join and to attend the meetings referred to above.

Join the PSA online: www.psa.asn.au/join

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