Dispute lodged over WBS IO solution - Public Service Association

Dispute lodged over WBS IO solution

WBS IO solution dispute lodged - Aug 2019 (PDF version)

On Friday the PSA lodged a dispute with the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) in relation to the implementation of WBS IO.

SASS members decided to ban the solution in May because of its many flaws. The IRC required that the PSA direct its members to lift the ban and the Department of Education (DoE) agreed to work with the Association to resolve the problems.

The feedback from our members is that the solution still has major problems despite the DoE maintaining there is very little wrong and the system is “business as usual” (BAU). There is nothing BAU about this.

Consequently, the Association has lodged a dispute against the DoE and has asked for the following to be implemented to resolve the matter:

  • Allow SASS to stop using WBSIO
  • Allow SASS to Journal until such time as all the ‘fixes’ are in and
  • There is a trial of the completely ‘fixed’ solution, at 10 schools – five chosen by the DoE and five chosen by the PSA which proves to our satisfaction the system is fixed and the reports work
  • Continue to meet for updates on ‘fixes’
  • DoE to provide additional training where required.

We will notify members when further information comes to hand.

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