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DPI Water Change Management Plan update

DPI Water Change Management Plan update – December 2016 (PDF version)

DPI water released its Change Management Plan (CMP) on 23 November 2016.

In the CMP, 108 staff were affected:

90 ongoing and 18 in temporary roles. Originally, out of the affected staff, there were to be only 65 eligible for internal assessment.

Staff were advised that a person occupying a single band DPO role could not be assessed to a double band role. For example, DPO level 2 could not be assessed against a newly created 2/3.

The PSA challenged this, and shortly after DPI Water advised that staff occupying a single band DPO role could be assessed to a double band role. This then takes the number of internal assessments to 81.

It still remains that many DPO classified staff cannot be matched directly to the Clerk grade classification.

The PSA met with DPI Water on 28 November and 2 December to share specific concerns from staff. Agreed outcomes from the meeting held on 2 December 2016 are as follows:

  1. The PSA agrees that AC 11/12 internal advertisements be sent out on 2 December so affected staff get two weekends to complete their applications.

However, the PSA must be provided with:

  • a list of affected roles and staff names within AC 11/12 band and a corresponding list of similar band vacant roles by 8 December
  • the documented assessment of all current roles and staff against new roles by band.

This can be provided sequentially, such as AC 9/10 by Christmas and lower salary bands/levels over the subsequent weeks/months. This document will indicate why individual staff have been either directly appointed (new role matches, salary band and functions); if they have deemed affected staff with internal assessment option (more staff than new positions within band or with significant role change); or if they are considered affected staff with only external recruitment options (role deleted or no new roles within salary band).

  1. Communication strategy
  • Post on FAQS (or DPI intranet) the rationale/rules behind the single band to dual band change.
  • Provide a timetable of the sequential internal/external assessment process across the grades/bands – not dates, just days/weeks from initial advertising of AC 11/12.
  • Outline process for internal applications, such as is a cover letter and CV required only. This means affected staff can start work on their applications or CVs given the new role descriptions are on the intranet (provide link again).
  • Outline the assessment process for internal applicants on intranet – if there are fewer applicants than positions what happens? What if there are more applicants than positions?
  1. DPI Water Engagement Action Plan
  • Clarify actions in 16 November Report.
  • Allow all staff to comment on draft Future State organisational structures and communicate the process of recruitment clearly and early.
  • Workshops help with all units to map skills and identify potential gaps in skills sets required for Future State

Give staff the opportunity to participate in the development of the Business Plan and the measures of success through targeted workshops. Results of DPI Water Pulse Check Survey by made available by branch, as per DG message on 6 May 2016

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Members of the DPI Water PSA Working Group are

Michael Wrathall

Andrew Brooks

Fiona Campbell

Patrick Driver

Dave Miller

Patrick Pahlow

Michael Healey

Shahadat Chowdhury

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