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DPI Water transfer of staff update

DPI Water transfer of staff update – May 2016 (PDF version)

Members would be aware now the draft legislation relating to the transition of functions to Water NSW came out last week. The PSA has been advised the legislation has subsequently passed through the Upper House and now proceeds to the Lower House. It was expected that it would proceed to the lower chamber this week, but we now understand it is more likely to do so on 31 May.

The PSA has canvassed politicians, including the Shadow Minister for Water, expressing our opposition to the legislation.

Whilst we are aware the transition process protects existing conditions for affected staff, we still remain unclear about precisely who or what positions are to move. The Minister was able to advise 247 positions will move and made reference to 60-80 voluntary redundancies.

We have been seeking further clarification in regard to this.

As previously advised, commitments have been made by management to consult in regard to Change Management Plans in either Water NSW or DPI Water. The PSA will hold management to that. The industrial agreements for both organisations require consultation in this case.

The protection of conditions are covered by the transition of business provisions under the Fair Work Act  That protection is for a period up to five years, which is to allow time for negotiation of an alternate agreement.

A common concern of members is that future change within Water NSW could lead to people exiting without the redundancy provisions they have in their current circumstance. Please note not only should staff be covered by existing redundancy provisions, but the current agreement for Water NSW staff provide for the same monetary calculation for redundancies.

Of course, it remains the PSA’s view the retention of jobs in the Public Sector is preferable to redundancies.

We will advise members when there are further updates.

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