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DTS Restructure bulletin

DTS Restructure bulletin – July 2017 (PDF Version)

The PSA met with the Department of Justice on Friday, 7 July 2017 to discuss the Review Process.

The Department of Justice advised it had considered all relevant material and the process was thorough.

Although the PSA asked for its members to be provided with written feedback about the Review Process in the interests of transparency, the Department of Justice advised that this is not custom and practice and not within policy.

The PSA, on the face of it, cannot assess the fairness of the Review. However, the PSA strongly advises members who are dissatisfied with the process do the following:

  1. Obtain detailed feedback against each capability with the Justice HR representative.
  2. If a member was unsuccessful in the Review Process, ask why reasonable training and support could not be provided to them.
  3. Ask if referees were contacted at any stage in the process.

The PSA continues to have concerns about the recruitment process and is currently considering its options.

The PSA also invites members to provide any feedback received and will advocate on behalf of any member.

Your DTS delegates are:

Larry Carter:

Brendan Cotton:

Your PSA staff:

Susan Emery

PSA Industrial Officer:

Surabi Alauddin

PSA Organiser:




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