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Education Joint Consultative Committee update: LTT contract extensions, hybrid working, restructures and more

In this update

  1. Temporary employees’ contract extension
  2. Covid-19 Safety measures – Hybrid Working in 2022
  3. New Student and Parent Experience (SPX) Complaints Unit
  4. Schools Infrastructure – Procurement Restructure
  5. Inductions

PSA /DOE Consultation

PSA staff and delegates met with the Department’s industrial relations representatives for the Corporate and Field Staff Joint Consultative Committee meeting on 16 March 2022. In addition to standing agenda items, we raised the following issues on behalf of members:

Temporary employees’ contract extension: PSA Win

The PSA raised that a large number of temporary contractors, particularly working in EDConnect, had contracts due to expire on 30 June 2022. The PSA advocated that last year’s late notice of contract extension was unacceptable and that our members should be notified as soon as possible whether their contracts will be extended. The PSA also advocated that since there is a persistently high workload, we expect that the contracts be extended. As a result of PSA action on behalf of our members, employees were notified of contract extension to December 2022.

Participation in last year’s recruitment processes in EDConnect means temporary contractors are GSE-compliant and can be offered further work. The PSA promotes that where there is ongoing work to be done, it should ideally be done by ongoing public servants. We advocate that the Department has the opportunity to provide secure work by applying GSE Rule 12 to convert a large number of temporary contractors to ongoing roles. While we understand that this is subject to funding and head-of-agency discretion, the PSA will continue to advocate this position.

The issue has also been brought to the attention of the Executive Director in charge of the Transformation of Support Services (TSS). We believe that certainty and continuity of staffing is imperative for the TSS goals, to improve processes and customer service in the Department.

Are you a long term temporary member?

We are interested in hearing from any members who have been employed on temporary contracts for a long period of time and doing work that could be considered ongoing. This will help inform our discussions at the JCC.

Please email .

Covid-19 Safety measures: Hybrid working in 2022

The PSA has provided substantial feedback throughout the pandemic on ensuring COVID-safe workplace practices in all settings and continues to do so in weekly meetings. In particular, the PSA engaged in consultation late in 2021 concerning the department’s Reopening Plans/Return to Offices and proposed Hybrid way of working in 2022.

The plans were expected to be implemented in January 2022. However, this was disrupted by the Omicron variant outbreak over the break and into January. Since there was much to discuss, the PSA requested an out-of-session meeting to be briefed on the Department’s re-set post-Omicron for office reopening and hybrid working.

PSA staff and delegates attended a meeting on 25 March 2022 and were briefed by the Executive Director and project lead on the office re-opening timeframes, expectations and settings. These remain substantively unchanged from the 2021 plans, but with pushed-back dates.

Members are reminded that the Department has made a commitment to supporting flexible work into the future. Members are advised to ensure they lodge a request for a Flexible Working Arrangement with their Manager. If you have concerns about COVID safety or how the hybrid working model is being implemented in your team, please contact the PSA for advice.

New Student and Parent Experience (SPX) complaints unit

After being advised by members of the Department’s intention to ‘lift and shift’ the complaints team from the Professional Ethics and Standards Directorate to the Learning and Improvement Directorate, under an expanded Student and Parent Experience Complaints Unit, the PSA requested to be provided the change plan documentation and to commence consultation on the matter. We arranged an out-of-session meeting with the relevant personnel on 22 March 2022. The PSA continues to be provided with updates on the progression of this matter and will update affected members as consultation progresses.

Schools Infrastructure NSW (SINSW): Procurement restructure

Whilst this is a realignment of the procurement area in the SINSW directorate, it represents an increase in the number of roles.  The PSA asked to be briefed on the rationale, updated on the status and proposed timeframes and to be provided with change plan documentation including placement/recruitment processes. This was best placed to be discussed with the SINSW procurement executive in an out-of-session meeting, arranged for 25 March 2022. PSA staff and delegates were briefed and asked a number of questions in that meeting on behalf of members. Feedback from staff and members is that this realignment and expansion of the procurement area is widely welcomed.


Onboarding of corporate staff has continued throughout the pandemic, despite the majority of staff working from home. The PSA believes the process for the Association being notified and attending inductions needs improvement, especially when many are working remotely. The PSA requested a copy of the induction materials, including the department’s induction checklist, to ensure PSA placement early in the induction process, preferably in-person or via video presentation, in cases where staff are still working remotely.

The Department is required under the Award to give the PSA due notice of upcoming inductions. But we also rely on delegates in the different corporate directorates to let us know when onboarding is happening. This is so we can introduce ourselves as the union for these new employees, and ask them to join. The PSA Organiser for education welcomes members and delegates relaying this information and is keen to come and present at your directorate’s next induction.

If you have information about inductions in your area please email

Other Consultative Forums

In addition to DOE/PSA consultation meetings concerning the issues above, PSA industrial staff meet regularly for consultation with the Department on Covid-19 issues (weekly meeting) and the Transformation of Support Services (TSS) (monthly meetings).

The PSA will keep members informed of ongoing discussions at these meetings as they progress.

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