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Emergency Ambulance Cover Terms and Conditions

1. The benefit will be payable for eligible financial members who are unable to receive financial assistance for emergency ambulance transportation through a legislated scheme, a health insurance policy or any other insurance policy (for example, CTP, worker’s compensation, sporting club policy or social security entitlement).

1a. The benefit will include direct family members that reside with a financial member on and after 29 July 2021.

2. The benefit excludes inter-hospital transportation, transport from one home to another, transportation for reasons of convenience or social reasons.

3. The scheme only applies to emergency transport services within Australia on or after 6 April 2020.

4. Compensation shall be limited to a maximum of $5,000 per eligible financial member in any financial year.

5. An eligible financial member is a person who is an ordinary financial member of the PSA/CPSU NSW.

6. An eligible financial member is a person who has paid full current dues (either yearly or quarterly) or is on direct debit/credit card method of payment, payroll deductions, or has an approved suspension of PSA/CPSU NSW fees. Includes members on Leave without pay, but excludes new members joining as LWOP after 6 April 2020.

7. To be covered, a person must be an eligible financial member at the time of making a claim.

8. This benefit does not apply to the following category of members; retrenched and associate members (which includes retired, life members or student members).

9. The benefit does not apply to members that are unfinancial at the time of the claim.

10. The benefit will be paid directly to the emergency transport service and not as a reimbursement to members.

11. A statutory declaration to be provided with the claim form that states all the details provided by the member are true and correct.

12. If there is a disputed claim for emergency ambulance costs, all the particulars must be set out in writing and shall be considered and determined by the PSA/CPSU Executive.

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