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Environmental Protection Authority – Laundry Allowance bulletin

Environmental Protection Authority – Laundry Allowance bulletin – December 2017 (PDF version)

In March 2017 the PSA sent out an industrial bulletin advising members of an Award entitlement of $9.70 per fortnight (current rate) for the laundering of protective clothing. This entitlement has not been paid by EPA

The PSA has met with EPA management several times since then and provided documentation supporting the PSA’s position.

EPA management has responded to the PSA with a “Without Prejudice” offer to resolve the payment of both back pay and ongoing payment a Laundry Allowance to eligible EPA staff.

The elements of the offer are:

  • Calculation of one year’s back pay of the allowance payable to all identified eligible staff
  • If this offer is agreed to there would be no requirement for eligible staff to apply for the back pay
  • The parties agree that this is a full and final settlement of any matters relating to the Laundry Allowance
  • Upon agreement, all eligible staff will be paid the appropriate entitlement fortnightly.

The PSA was founded on the principle of democracy and it is this democratic tradition that we invite all affected members to be part of. We will be meeting with EPA members to discuss the “without prejudice” offer of one year back pay to staff identified by EPA as being entitled to laundry allowance.

After consultation meetings, where we want to hear your thoughts and feelings on the offer, we will be holding a vote for all affected members. The decision will be whether to accept or reject the offer.

Importantly, only members of the PSA will get a vote. If you know people who are not members of the PSA, this is the time to encourage them to join.

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