Establishment of a NSW Trade and Investment Taree workplace group - Bulletin, June 2015 - Public Service Association

Establishment of a NSW Trade and Investment Taree workplace group – Bulletin, June 2015

Bulletin to Trade and Investment members in Taree 26 June 2015 (PDF version)

PSA members from the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Crown Lands and Local Land Services met recently to discuss the creation of a local members structure. This will strengthen the union and support local members in Taree.

The PSA’s by-laws allow for the creation of a Workplace Group, which can cover members located in a building or group of buildings.

Both the Victoria Street and nearby Macquarie Street buildings contain members from several divisions and related entities of NSW Trade & Investment, Regional Infrastructure and Services (NSW Trade and Investment). Creating a geographic-based Workplace Group covering a range of different NSW Trade & Investment entities will ensure common issues and solutions are discussed and shared.

What next?

A members’ meeting will be held in July to formally create the NSW Trade & Investment Taree Workplace Group for the Victoria and Macquarie Street offices and elect a workplace delegate and representatives as provided in the PSA Rules. All members from Local Land Services, Crown Lands, NSW Food Authority and the DPI regional office located at these buildings are encouraged to nominate as a workplace delegate.

WHS issues

Members advised an incident occurred where a white substance was released from the air conditioner. Following advice from the PSA Member Support Centre, staff left the office until advised that it was safe to return. The PSA will discuss the findings of the Department’s investigation at the next peak consultative forum.

Performance management

The Government Sector Employment Act (Section 67) requires all NSW public sector agency heads to implement performance management systems. The PSA will be consulting with Taree NSW Trade and Investment members in July by holding ‘listenings’ to identify how we can ensure performance management is fair and equitable across the public sector.

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