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Excess travel time compensation: Clarification

Yesterday PSA sent a bulletin in relation to Service NSW’s proposal around compensation for excess travel time.  A number of members have provided feedback (thank you) and, on the basis of the feedback provided, we recognise the need for clarification of the proposal.

Service NSW is suggesting that the amount of time you travel BEFORE you qualify for compensation for excess travel time be capped at 30 minutes.

To put it another way, once you have travelled for more than 30 minutes you would be eligible to claim the excess travel allowance.

This would be both ways; at the commencement and also at the conclusion of each shift, where the travel is not undertaken during working hours and where you are a Service NSW employee with no fixed headquarters.

Service NSW believes that this would be applicable to employees on the mobile service centres and business concierges required to travel to differing locations on an almost daily basis.

The PSA is seeking to confirm whether there are other members who feel that this would be applicable to them. We also want to know if members feel it should be applicable to them and can provide reasons why.

We invite members to submit feedback on this proposal to or 1800 772 679 quoting reference number 221572 by close of business Thursday 13 June 2024.

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