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FACS – NDIS mobility pathway update

FACS – NDIS mobility pathway update – Dec 2017 (PDF version)

Your PSA representatives met with the Department of Premier and Cabinet and NSW Industrial Relations (NSWIR) on 4 December 2017 to receive an update on the progress for members who have entered the Mobility Pathway (MP).

The PSA has met on a number of occasions since July originally to receive advice as to the purported benefits for FACS staff in using INS to match participants to a suitable role due to the privatisation of ADHC and subsequent downsizing of FACS.

The September meeting heard a report from DPC and NSWIR members’ ‘Twilight Zone’ experiences with the matching process.

Again at the December update, the PSA was assured the initial difficulties with the program would be overcome and that expectations would be met.

Currently the Mobility talent pool participant data as of 4 December 2017 shows:


753 Total number that have entered the pathway program
564 have completed pathway activities
494 are available for matching
148 Exited (see placements for breakdown).



Mobility pathway – self job search 85
Placements – merit (with full support) 12
Placements – FACS internal competitive process (full support) 47
NDIA placements 4
Total 148


Despite the data the PSA provided feedback regarding individual member concerns and experiences, such as:

PSA Question:

  1. Not all hiring managers within government agencies being aware of or reluctant to use Mobility Pathway.


DPC/NSWIR is adamant department secretaries committed to program mandating a three per cent target for agencies and recruitment teams within agencies reminding hiring managers that MP participants should be priority before external recruitment.

PSA Question:

  1. Feedback from participants with delay in time taken by INS once a person enters MP to contact, and the provision of relevant information to participants prior to interviews for roles, including preparation time not being adequate.


DPC/NSWIR and FACS want to hear of difficulties encountered by MP participants and those within the FACS MRO program.

This includes participants having to wait for a CPO to contact them once within the pathway and where participants may meet the generic capability requirements could be considered a match however the actual requirements of the role are very different.

The PSA yet again raised strong objections to the position taken by FACS that non-front-line positions in frontline offices across the state had been advertised externally without prior consideration of members in the Mobility Pathway. This exclusion was unacceptable and the FACS executive representative conceded, confirming on 4 November that the Secretary has directed that non-frontline roles, even if they are located in frontline offices will be channelled through the Mobility Pathway. This is a significant shift and should result in the matching of members in the pathway to vacant roles in FACS state wide.

The PSA has been referring individual MP and MRO horror stories to the FACS Employee Relations Directorate for review and action. If you consider that your case needs to be reviewed, advise your CPO or FACS HR-CST and contact the PSA .

With FACS CST RMP 1 at Phase 2 and FACS CST RMP 2 proposed to commence mid-February 2018 the PSA has been advised that FACS has enabled early entry to the Mobility Pathway from December 2017.

The PSA recommends members read the FACS Mobility Pathway Fact Sheet HERE.

Also the NDIS Mobility Pathway Video

Any member needing assistance through this difficult period please contact the PSA MSC on 1300 772 679 or email .

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