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Get active – become a union Delegate!

Become a delegate - Oct 2019 (PDF version)

Have you ever wanted to become more involved with the PSA? Now is your chance.

The Annual General Meeting is in the Redgum Room on the 3rd of December 12 – 1pm. The PSA will elect six Delegate positions for the NSW Ombudsman. The PSA wants YOU to nominate.

If you believe in the benefits of collective bargaining and share our values of decency, fairness and equality at work, then the PSA strongly encourages you to step-up and get active with the PSA.

Being a Delegate is also a great way to:

  • improve your communication skills
  • develop your negotiation ability
  • increase your confidence.

To nominate, please email by 5pm 2 December 2019 with your name and department.

Questions? Message your Organiser Davis Murphy ( or talk to your current Delegates Caitlin Gleeson, Steve Maguire, Alex McSwiney or Alison OShea.

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