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Gosford relocations – Redeployment and/or retaining: still options

Gosford relocations – Redeployment and or retaining – still options – April 2018 (PDF version)

When PSA Maitland members walked off the job last July in protest against the Government’s decision to forcefully relocate over 40 Revenue NSW (RNSW) jobs from Maitland to Gosford, we were supported wholeheartedly by Maitland MP Jenny Aitchison. A petition was launched to save local Hunter jobs and oppose what will be huge impacts on the local Hunter economy.

The message was simple: hands off the local economy, hands off local jobs!

Responding to the pressure from various media outlets on the day RNSW Deputy Secretary Stephen Brady said (on NBN News):

“employees who choose not to relocate will be redeployed at other government agencies or re-trained for other jobs”.

To any reasonable television viewer this statement is a clear commitment on the part of the Department to provide alternatives for any staff member who chooses to not relocate.

Since the time of the report, the Department has never made a public statement contesting its accuracy. Therefore, the reasonable viewer would continue to consider the statement as standing and accurate.

The PSA expects the Deputy Secretary to honour his word and grant any and all remaining Maitland employees who do not wish to relocate a suitable alternate role.

Accordingly, the PSA’s advice to those remaining members who do not wish to relocate is to please contact Industrial Officer Matthew Drake-Brockman directly in the first instance to see how we can progress your case.


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