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GovConnect overpayments

GovConnect overpayments – July 2018 (PDF version)

Earlier this year your union issued a series of communiques to members highlighting the myriad issues members had experienced with GovConnect (Infosys/Unisys). Issues brought to the Department’s attention have ranged from:

  • difficulties with members accessing their personnel files (P-files)
  • instances of P-files being compromised since the outsourcing of their handling to offshore companies (GovConnect) – including security, confidentiality issues, and issues with inaccurate leave records
  • an overall diminished HR service for staff.

Despite these various concerns, the Department has seen fit to continue to roll out its use of GovConnect for HR and payroll functions in the Revenue NSW, Property NSW divisions and Spatial Services unit. It is not clear what safeguards are in place to prevent continued mismanagement of P-files, and it has not been demonstrated that outsourced GovConnect functions are or have been to date, an efficient use of the taxpayer dollar.

This brings us to today where the PSA is now hearing individual examples of staff who have been either overpaid or underpaid by GovConnect.

Is the system so inadequate that overpayments and underpayments are actually occurring? Is it occurring on a regular basis? Is it acceptable to the Department dismiss these kinds of errors as “human error”, as it has done in the past?

The Government is paying for services it is not getting.

The PSA considers this to be a significant department-wide issue. We would like to hear from members who have had issues with payroll – either being overpaid or underpaid. Please get in touch with Industrial Officer Matthew Drake-Brockman on or 0408 029 925.

Drop us a line, it’s all completely confidential.

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