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Here we all are again!

Here we all are again! – February 2019 (PDF version)

Happy New year and welcome back to work for 2019. We know you have been back for more than a week but we thought we’d let you settle in.

Our PSA organisers are dropping in to schools to say hello and to organise meetings. If you would like a PSA meeting in your school please email us on . Your organisers are:


  • Ann Attwater
  • Marisa Bosco
  • Susan Chee Quee
  • Surabi Alauddin
  • Davina Murray
  • Brett Hammond (GAs).


  • Rebecca Reilly (North Coast)
  • Bart Mackenzie (South Coast)
  • Steve Mears (North West)
  • Belinda Pearce (Central West)
  • Michelle Mackintosh (South West)
  • Ian Braithwaite (Newcastle).

Attached HERE is the list of your Departmental Committee members. These are all PSA members who work in schools and meet four times per year to discuss and raise issues of concern in their region.

Members are encouraged to print this bulletin and the list of Departmental Committee members in the link above for your noticeboard.

If you are a member and have an individual issue, please contact the PSA on 1300 772 679.

Some of the issues we will be working on this year are:

  • Workload and SAP HR Payroll
  • Short-Term temporary employees who should be Long-Term Temporary employees
  • Long-Term Temporary employees who should be permanent employees – if you are a LTT and have been one for many years this link HERE will give you a guide on how to request permanency
  • Training – with the abolition of the SRGs, the PSA will be working to ensure you are still provided with a high level of training
  • Pay Equity – as you know this matter is still active and will be heard in the Industrial Relations Commission later this year. The wheels of justice grind slowly.

Last year was a huge year for the PSA, members and delegates worked on the following:

  • 2.5 per cent pay increase by lodging a case in the Industrial Relations Commission
  • Succeeded in ensuring leave loading was paid before Christmas and negotiated with the Department to ensure it always will be, a massive win for members!
  • Campaigned for extra resources for SASS staff resulting in over $3 million ($3.18) extra money to pay overtime and additional hours in June
  • Pay equity – All PSA evidence, including expert evidence, lodged along with PSA response to DoE evidence.

HR Payroll

Your school delegates will be attending a meeting next week in relation to HR Payroll and representing your views regarding required improvements. A key area of concern is the WBSIO Coding Solution and impact on workload particularly related to casual salary cost assignments.

We will keep you informed on progress.

Do you know someone who is not a member? Or do you have any new starters at your school? You can assist the work of the PSA and delegates so we can get better outcomes for everyone just by asking your colleagues to JOIN.

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