Heritage in Transition Restructure (HiT)

Heritage in Transition Restructure – Sept 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA is pleased to inform members our meetings with OEH and Heritage Division on Tuesday 29 August and Monday 4 September 2017 proved fruitful. The Executive Director agreed to modify the Heritage in Transition (HiT) assignment to role process and restructure timeframes, so these changes ensure a less onerous and fairer process for permanent and long-term temporary staff.

As a consequence of the agency’s inability to provide exemption or flexibility on the five per cent rule, Heritage Division has agreed to advertise a number of EO 9 roles within the new structure to provide Planning Officers with an opportunity be assigned to the EO 9 role.

The process will be by comparative assessment, which will require staff to provide a CV, answer targeted questions and complete two assessments. If staff are successful, they will be appointed to one of the EO 9 roles or placed on the talent pool. If staff are unsuccessful in the comparative assessment, they will be suitably assessed for an EO 8 role. Please speak to your manager and the PSA if you need more information.

From the meeting Heritage Division has agreed to:

  • release all Role Descriptions (RDs) below EO 12 to the PSA and Heritage staff for comment by Tuesday 12 September. This was done on Tuesday 5 September via email. Should members have concerns with their RDs, please send your comments to Latu Sailosi, PSA Organiser for OEH and Heritage Division: lsailosi@psa.asn.au
  • consider the comments and concerns before commencing with the assignment to role process on Friday 15 September 2017
  • the new modified assignment to role process, which will require staff provide their CV, a work sample, a “chat/interview” and three preferences for new comparative roles at grade. Please note staff are no longer required to undertake the personality test
  • an internal Heritage Division recruitment process for a number of vacant EO 9 roles.

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