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Housing flex – your rights under the agreement

Housing Flex - Dec 2020 (PDF version)

As a very tough year comes to a close, PSA staff and your delegates would like to say thank you for all the work you’ve done under extremely difficult circumstances. You have all worked hard to support vulnerable people during a time when they could have fallen through the cracks.

There has been more workplace flexibility over the past year, with many Housing staff working from home. However, there are still workload issues across different offices where there aren’t enough Housing staff to keep up with the demands of people experiencing homelessness or needing housing support in NSW.

Members are reminded that the operation of flex time has not changed or been altered due to COVID-19.  

Read the PSA’s Fact Sheet on this HERE.

In addition, we remind PSA members that:   

  1. Staff must ensure they keep accurate records of actual hours worked, which is a legal, auditable record and any erring from this is a serious issue.
  2. There has been no change with flex conditions whilst working from home, or the office.
  3. “Operational needs” do not excuse the imposition of unnecessary restrictions, such as not being able to accrue or take flex leave by being rostered every day during the hours of 9am-5pm, or expected to constantly cover other staff absences.
  4. Operational needs can be met with fair rostering and consultation and without imposing restrictions and denial of flexible working hours and conditions.
  5. It is a managerial responsibility to manage teams to facilitate cover for the counter and phone duties rosters not CSO staff.
  6. Management do not get to unilaterally direct employees that they have to seek permission to start or leave work before 9.30am or after 3.30pm, or provide reason if not rostered on counter or phone duties.

If you have been advised you are not allowed to accrue or access flex time, or working excessive hours we encourage Housing staff to talk to your Team Leader or Manager in the first instance about your workloads and flexibility.

We know some temporary staff are concerned about speaking out for fear of their contract not been extended, if this is the case we encourage members speak to your local delegate or PSA about your rights. 

How to contact the PSA

You can raise individual and collective issues with the PSA by contacting the Member Support Centre at or on 1300 772 679.

You can stay connected with the PSA through your local workplace delegates and your Housing Industrial Officer and Organisers.

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