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ICARE Award Negotiation Update

ICARE Award Negotiation Update – August 2016 (PDF Version)

In April, the PSA reported we were in the process of establishing a consultative framework on quarterly Joint Consultative Committees.

Since that time, the PSA and delegates have consulted and provided extensive feedback on the various policies that Insurance and Care NSW (ICARE) proposed. The first tranche included Work Health Safety, Code of Conduct, Recruitment/Talent Acquisition and Performance Management. The PSA successfully had a number of points negotiated and embedded into these four policies, for the benefit of members.

We await a response to feedback provided on a second tranche of policies that have been negotiated with the PSA. These include: Career Development, Dispute and Grievance and Leave policies.

Also members will recall the PSA and ICARE were jointly undertaking a consolidation exercise of the conditions and entitlements from the nine existing source documents (Agreements, Awards and Determinations) that currently apply to transferred ICARE employees, into one draft award document. This will form the new ICARE Award Enterprise Award 2016.

We have undertaken a review of this draft Award. This review has included a comparison of the draft Award with the nine source documents. This comparison concluded that the draft Award is a correct application of the entitlements carried over from the existing industrial instruments.

S&P did, however, recommend that a pointing clause be included in the new Award, to state:

“The conditions of employment as set out in the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Review Award 2009 or an award replacing it shall apply to employees covered by this Award. In case of an inconsistency the terms of this Award shall prevail over the terms of the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Review Award 2009.”

ICARE management will come back to the PSA once it has consulted with NSW Public Service Industrial Relations on the PSA proposal.

Members can be assured all respective line agency entitlements of extended leave and accumulated sick leave are carried over from the previous agency and you may use that leave when required.

The MoU signed between the PSA and ICARE effectively operates to preserve your entitlements until such time that the new ICARE NSW Enterprise Award 2016 is brought into effect. We expect final sign off to occur soon.

PSA staff

Matthew Drake-Brockman – industrial advocate

Merv Christensen – organiser

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