icare Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) update - Public Service Association

icare Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) update

icare Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) update – May 2017 (PDF version)

The JCC is an important forum where PSA industrial staff and delegates are able to bring your workplace matters to the attention of management with the view of resolving collective issues.

Whenever you have any individual or collective workplace issue which you or your colleagues feel deserves attention, we urge you to bring it to your local delegate in the first instance to have it dealt with at the local level. If needed, we can escalate it to either the JCC level or directly to PSA industrial staff.

The PSA met with icare management on Monday 8 May for our quarterly JCC.

The items your union has consistently raised, we feel, have been getting some traction with upper management.

Some specific PSA items discussed include:

  • PSA argued for icare to look into the prospect of new jobs at the Gosford site for promotional opportunities, particularly for staff who had relocated from Sydney to Gosford in recent years.

OUTCOME: icare responded by saying there may be options for ‘career pathing’ at Gosford into the future and committed to exploring them.

  • PSA raised concerns that had been brought by some members worried staff flex conditions were not protected and that once the icare Award is ratified, there will be nothing preventing management from implementing the basic flex conditions contained in the Award. We sought a formal undertaking to the effect management would not implement basic flex conditions.

OUTCOME: Greg Barnier personally responded by saying he had made a public announcement which was about “creating a single flex agreement which works well for everybody” and this will be honoured.

  • The PSA requested quarter-day flex days as a preference for some members.

OUTCOME: icare didn’t indicate it was opposed to such a proposal, and management is open to discussing it formally once single flex agreement negotiations begin.

  • The PSA raised that there appears to be two positions in LTC at Grade 1/2 and one in Dust Diseases (Grade 3/4) that do essentially the same job.

OUTCOME: HR will review the positions in the same way as they have reviewed other positions, when Dust Diseases merged with icare.

PSA staff

Matthew Drake-Brockman – Industrial advocate

Dave Mckeough – Organiser


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